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It was important for Sweden to be able to import among others oil and grain. However either Britain or Germany could stop the Swedish traffic if they thought Sweden acted in a way that favoured the opposing part in the war. [s48] It would be a tricky balance for Sweden, where many activities in Sweden and by Swedes would be judged. Read about the vehicles in The Tank Museum's unique collection, including Tiger 131, Little Willie, Sherman Fury and more.

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Utslagna fordon behöver  Swedish Army tank,1942 - pin by Paolo Marzioli Andra Världskriget, Wwii, Sverige Name That Tank Quiz - Armored Vehicle History - World of Tanks official  Fast And Adaptable - The Stridsvagn 103 - Sweden's Turretless Tank. A turretless tank? Surely, that is an assault gun or a tank destroyer? Not in this case. We defend Sweden and Swedish interests, our freedom and our right to live the way we choose.

Sweden developed a sturdy industrial basis, allowing it to create armored cars First mass produced tanks. After AB As a neutral nation in World War II, Sweden did not engage in combat; thus its tanks have no battlefield record. The Stridsvagn 74 was a tank in use with the Swedish Army from 1958 to 1984.


There are a total of [ 40 ] Sweden Land Systems (Current and Former Types) entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed by initial year of service descending.

Car related events in Sweden - konditori100/garage

2.4K likes · 4 talking about this. Personal Blog 2001-06-13 WW2 Tanks. 2.3K likes · 62 talking about this. Personal Blog Has there been any plans to add swedish tanks? There's a fair few designs that could be used to build a tech tree to perhaps rival an italian tech tree.

Sweden ww2 tanks

This World of Tanks which Swedish tank line is right for you guide will help guide you through the Swedish tech tree.
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Sweden ww2 tanks

1 Commanders; 2 Organization; 3 Weapons; 4 Vehicles; 5 Casualties; 6 See also; 7 Footnotes; 8 References; 9 External links I Sverige under 2:a världskriget [In Sweden during World War II] (in Swedish). Stockholm:  It's where your interests connect you with your people. Owen LatiniFinnish vehicles WW2 · Swedish Officers Swedish Army  WW2 Swedish Tanks. Swedish armor of WW2 and the interwar, tanks from Landsverk, armored cars from Scania-Vabis and Volvo, spaning from the the 1920s to  En stridsvagn 103 på service. Alla moderna försvarsmakter är i behov av stor teknisk kunskap för att fortsätta utföra sina uppgifter.

It may seem strange that a count Decent As per a request on a past answer, I am looking for success criteria listed here: Mobility, armour, anti-infantry, and anti-tank capability. I will then be rating each out of 10 per category, for a total of 40 points per vehicle. More than 200 tanks were in active service in 1944. It also became one of the country’s main military exports, as it was sold to countries like Ireland and Austria in 1936, and a licensed-built version of the tank was produced in Hungary under the name 38M Toldi.
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Swedish tanks: WW2 medium tank projects sp15 Okategoriserade 30 Aug, 2018 9 Minutes Between the years of 1942 and 1947, the Swedish army started a number of tank projects in an attempt to keep up with the tank development of the greater powers during ww2. Although Sweden remained neutral during World War II, Sweden developed several tanks and a fine tank industry. German designs laid the engineering foundation for early vehicle development and the Swedish military harnessed their country's attention to detail and the employment off the Irish Landsverk company to develop an array of interesting Neutral, but sure to remain so: The Swedish Navy in WW2. Already the heavyweight of the Scandinavian fleets during the first world war, and despite interwar financianl crisis, budget reduction and general opinion pacifism, Sweden kept a sizeable Navy operational in 1939 that was a credible and serious enouh to enter in German calculation when invading Norway, both in scale and quality. In 1945 Tank streinght is reported 766 tanks of all types. *Pz 38t **18 convertet to assault guns with 105mm guns. See Karsartilleri units above.