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The Committee met on 16 March 2021, and discussed: Committee’s tentative agenda decisions IFRS Update 2021 IFRS latest developments and trends globally and regionally from the internationally acclaimed IFRS expert in collaboration with PwC’s Academy in Georgia. TOPICS FEE FORMAT HOW TO APPLY CONTACT Covid-19 related financial reportingissues The most obvious impacts of Covid-19 are on the impairment of assets - bothnon- The discussion paper is open to comment until 1 September 2021. Update of the Board’s Work Plan The latest workplan is available here on the official IFRS website. March 2021 - BDO releases IFR Bulletin 2021/07 - IASB Issues Amendments to IAS 1, IAS 8 and IFRS Practice Statement 2 March 2021 - IVSC publishes a Perspectives Paper on ESG and Business Valuation March 2021 - IOSCO releases a statement on enhancing collaboration between IASB and FASB on accounting for goodwill International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS Updates 2021.

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Beyond the GAAP no. 153 - March 2021; EY. IFRS Developments, Issue 188 / March 2021 - Disclosure requirements in IFRS Standards - a The main advantage of IFRS is it facilitates the easy comparison of different companies, as data is presented on the same  28 Jan 2021 The 2021 edition of the publication has been updated for changes to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that were published  2021 edition of IFRS Update Webinar will be held at Online starting on 23rd June . It is a 1 day event organised by Chartered Accountants Worldwide and will  14/01/2021 - EFRAG Endorsement Status Report - Update. ​The endorsement by the European Commission of Amendments to IFRS 9, IAS 39, IFRS 7, IFRS 4  The most important updates and industry changes in a short and concise format.

2021-4-12 · IFRS Perspectives – March 2021. A collection of articles providing updates on current IFRS issues relevant to US companies.

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31 DECEMBER 2020 YEAR-END. HKFRS / IFRS UPDATE. Entities with December 2020 year-end are probably preparing their  3 Fev 2021 A edição de 2021 da publicação foi atualizada para alterações às IFRS que foram publicadas entre 1 de janeiro de 2020 e 31 de dezembro de  22 Mar 2021 Devido à pandemia o IFRG optou por utilizar as notas do Enem em seu Vestibular 2021; saiba mais.

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Non-US issuers: US public offerings filing requirements. KPMG and Latham & Watkins help navigate financial statement requirements under federal securities laws: non … 2021-3-25 · The IFRS Taxonomy 2021 is consistent with IFRSs as issued by the IASB at 1 January 2021, including those issued but not yet effective. The IFRS Taxonomy 2021 also incorporates the six updates made to the IFRS Taxonomy in 2020 reflecting amended IFRSs and providing new common practice elements. This is the annual update of the IFRS taxonomy 844-580-6963. Technical Support. (BDO Employees): 888-236-9111. Summary.

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It has 3 main objectives: Clarify the impact of Covid-19 on accounting, presentation and disclosure in IFRS financial statements for 2020. Share recent practical experience of implementing IFRS 16 Leases & […] IFRS-volymen 2021. Den svenska versionen av IFRS, IAS, IFRIC och SIC. IFRS-volymen innehåller den officiella EU-översättningen av de internationella redovisningsstandarderna till svenska. On 12 February 2021, the IASB issued 'Disclosure of Accounting Policies (Amendments to IAS 1 and IFRS Practice Statement 2)' with amendments that are intended to help preparers in deciding which accounting policies to disclose in their financial statements. The amendments are effective for annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2023.
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Ifrs 2021 updates

The Board met remotely on 16–17 February 2021. 2020-12-21 · IFRS Manual of Accounting updated. Publication date: 21 Dec 2020.

An online webinar series that covers SARS, CIPC, IRBA, IFRS, Professional  23 Mar 2021 The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) updated its report showing the status of endorsement of each IFRS, including  Key updates in this edition include guidance on: Accounting implications of COVID-19; Amendments to IAS 1, 'Presentation of financial statements', Classification  International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS Updates 2021 · Course Overview: · Key Take Away from this Course: · Why You Cannot Miss This Event? 24 Mar 2021 This PwC IFRS technical update webcast covers Phase 2 amendments of IBOR reform, leases and impairment, supplier finance and  26 Jan 2021 The Board met on 26 January 2021 to receive an update on the December 2020 meeting of the IFRS Interpretations Committee. Details of this  28 Jan 2021 The full update, as published by the IASB, can be found here.
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Iverksatt . Goodwill and Impairment (Discussion Paper published March 2020) IFRS 16 Leases Intro Welcome you to IFRS 16 Latest developments, a snapshot of the recent amendments to IFRS 16 Leases, as well as some other relevant topics. • Due to Covid-19 many lessors have granted rent concessions to their lessees.